Hospitainers core business and expertise is in the provision of rapidly deployable medical solutions such as Field Hospitals and mobile Primary Health Care Units. These solutions are primarily based out of standard shipping containers and can be delivered and used in locations where medical support is not readily available, for people who cannot easily access healthcare, or into situations where that healthcare has been taken away from them either through a man-made crisis such as war, or a natural disaster such as a hurricane.

To ensure the impact of these solutions is set to maximum, it is very important to provide the right medical equipment and advice for each environment.  It has to be robust, easy to repair, fit for use, reliable and affordable, and this is where the lifelong experience of Pete Marshall comes to the fore.

Pete is a military veteran from Australia and an international Registered Nurse. He has served throughout the world in the role of a Helicopter Medic and is specialised in remote area health care. The experience Pete brings to Hospitainer is invaluable when it comes to providing the right equipment for the right job and ensuring that the design of the solution is fit for purpose. 

Pete now lives in the Netherlands, and once he had heard about Hospitainer, did not hesitate to look them up. He took his resume and delivered it in person on a Monday morning, right in the middle of the weekly opening meeting. “I believed in Hospitainer from the moment I heard of them. Everything just seemed right to me, it was logical, fit for purpose and the cause was just” From that day on, Pete has worked in the role of Research and Development specialist, enabling him to be involved in everything from design to selection and purchasing of medical items.

When asked about what he enjoyed about working for Hospitainer, Pete mentioned his passion in helping other people, and his pride in the fact that Hospitainer delivers world class field hospitals to people that are in desperate need. He also mentions that is inspiring to be surrounded by people with a similar mindset, that want to do good in the world and restore humanity to places where it may seem lost, “this is an attribute that every employee at Hospitainer not only possesses, but drives them in heart and soul”

Together with Hospitainer, Pete has been deployed to Western Africa, Eastern Europe and as far away as the Bahamas. One of his most memorable experiences was when Hospitainer teamed up with the International Medical Corps (IMC) following the devastation of Cyclone Dorian and provided a Mobile Primary Health Care unit to the island of Grand Bahama in the Caribbean. “The devastation was virtually complete, whilst there were some buildings still standing, the general hospital was damaged and there was no way people could reach the main town due to roads being destroyed, and vehicles having been swept away. The mobile 4×4 Primary Health Care unit was accepted with much grace and thanks from not only the IMC, but also the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, who quoted ”Now we can bring much needed healthcare to you!””

Pete highlighted the Hospitainer team is full of people driven by the need to help others, people that are innovative and thrive in thinking out of the box and are willing to do what they can in order to alleviate suffering in the world. Pete emphasized how important it was for anyone looking to join the Hospitainer team to believe in what they are doing, remain motivated, be a team player and keep the big picture in mind.