Workforce for Life

Your works means life to others. 

What is WFL
Workforce for Life is a workforce that uses skills and capacity to improve and save the lives of people. Not a philanthropic organization, but a core of entrepreneurs who invest their skills and resources in mobile hospitals for the ones in need. This is done for a combination of commercial and ‘quality of life’ reasons. 

Why is WFL needed?
The professionals who work on the Hospitainers experience that working with us adds an extra dimension to their work and life. You don’t merely work for a living, but your skills contribute to the quality of life for others and that contributes to your own quality of life.

Spontaneously, professionals offer to go an extra mile. They express to experience joy in working together on the Hospitainers and they want to be involved on a structural basis. Hospitainer wants to have our mobile hospitals in stock, to be able to deliver quickly in case of emergencies. This is a big investment.

How do we do it?
The idea for Workforce for Life was born when a professional construction company offered to invest off-peak hours in the development of a new Hospitainer. We agreed that the payment of the invested hours would take place after selling the Hospitainer. Other professionals liked the idea and also offered to invest skills, time and resources. First and foremost, we agree on the value of the input that will be paid back later. As partners we own a part of a Hospitainer. This is expressed in a contract and a handed out certificate.

The benefits are clear
The professional partner turns less productive hours into cash at a later stage, enters into a network of like-minded companies and benefits as a long-term partners of the work that is provided by the growing Hospitainer company. Hospitainer has a circle of motivated professionals that want to go the extra mile and is able to keep Hospitainers in stock.

Together as the Workforce for Life, we invest in new medical solutions that will be available when needed.