In stock: Mobile primary health care clinics

The mobile primary health care (PHC) clinic is specifically developed to reach people who don’t have acces to primary health care. The complete clinic weights less than 3,5 tons and can be driven by anyone who has a driver’s license.
The unit is prepared for independent use and includes a generator, airconditioning, sink, supply and waste water tank. Also a sun shade cover is included to create a comfortable waiting area.
These mobile clinics provide the full range of primary health care services including:
◼︎  regular check ups
◼︎  treatment for minor ailments
◼︎  limited lab services
◼︎  health promotion and education
◼︎  immunisations
◼︎  help with managing a chronic disease or condition
◼︎  referrals to other health services or specialists
◼︎  prescription renewal
The services can also be extended to dental care or maternity care including an ultrasound and delivery bed. The medical equipment for these services is portable, which gives you the maximum flexibility. Each day you can decide whether to have a primary health care, dental or maternity clinic.
Please contact us for more information. In most cases we have stock and can deliver quickly.