New facilities, already used to its full capacity

At the end of last year Hospitainer moved to its new facilities in Vaassen. Just outside of Apeldoorn. There we have 2 large warehouses of 2100m2 for storage and construction of our mobile hospitals.

At this moment both warehouses are already used to their full capacity to build the container hospitals for 6 concurrent orders. Therefore our production space gives room to a number of 20ft and 40ft containers that are furnished for their specific medical purposes. Besides the mobile hospitals that are built, every corner is filled with our supply of medical materials and mobile equipment.

Our new facility offers more production capacity to serve our growing client base, storage space for our emergency stock of medical content, containers, trucks, trailers and vessels

We are building a modern office space for our expanding staff. We are also creating an area specificly for demostration and training purposes. Besides this there is enough room for our innovation lab where we continiously work to improve our medical containers and other mobile medical solutions

We trust our new location will help us in our mission to provide healthcare in demanding circumstances.