At Hospitainer we do our best to be aware of and manage our company’s impact. Of course, we want to produce high quality products and send them all over the world, but we also want to do so in a way that is socially and environmentally sustainable. We’re constantly striving to improve and we’re proud when that effort pays off. 

For example, Hospitainer has obtained the ISO 14001 certification. If a company wants to do more to limit their impact on the environment and produce their products sustainably, they can develop an Environmental Management System (EMS). This is a set of processes and practices which details how the company intends to reduce the negative impact their production has on the environment and how they plan to increase their efficiency. 

Obtaining an ISO 14001 certification means that a company’s EMS has met or exceeded international standards. As you might imagine, Hospitainer is proud to have obtained this certification as we feel that reducing our environmental impact is extremely important.

We have also obtained the ISO 9001 certification. Whilst this is also an international standard, ISO 9001 is related to quality management rather than environmental management. For this certification an independent third party audited Hospitainer and looked at our reliability and transparency as a company as well as at our leadership and our adherence to laws and regulations.

The standards outlined in the ISO 9001 aren’t the only ones Hospitainer has met. We have also met those outlined in the Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP), which were developed by NATO. Whilst ISO 9001 deals with a very broad range of topics, AQAP deals specifically with products sold to the armed forces of NATO member states. 

When a large-scale disaster occurs, the military are often the first responders. The AQAP certification is vital for Hospitainer as we pride ourselves as being a supplier of Rapid Mobile Hospitals, and the Dutch Ministry Of Defence have even arranged transport for our containers on occasion to ensure they could reach their destination as quickly as possible. In addition to this, we have sold products like our Hospisinks to the Dutch MOD for use within their Health Battalions.

We hope that by telling you a bit more about our credentials, we’ve shown that we also strive to produce high-quality products while being as socially and environmentally conscious as we can be. Hopefully we can soon tell you about the steps we’ve taken to be even better in the future.