Hospitainer strives to keep the prepared containers and necessary equipment in stock so that, when an order comes in, we can have a container packed and ready to ship quickly so that the client can receive their mission-ready Hospitainer as soon as possible. As such, it is very important to have someone in our warehouse who knows what we have, where it can be found and who can replenish our stock before we run out. 

Hugo originally came to Hospitainer to volunteer for a day. As this went well, he was asked back to help out some more and it wasn’t long before he was hired on. When Hospitainer began selling our 50-bed hospitals, things got a lot busier in the warehouse and Hugo got recruited to help with packing equipment and preparing containers. 

“I was just another pair of hands in the warehouse, at first. I remember drilling a lot of holes in containers.” 

After about a year, Hugo was asked to manage the warehouse and since then he’s been busy with quality control, making packing lists for our projects and purchasing more of the things we need to keep in stock. 

When asked about what he enjoyed about working for Hospitainer, Hugo mentioned how he enjoyed working on the orders Hospitainer receives and the varied nature of the work. Every new client wants their Hospitainer to be slightly customized to their needs or they need it to operate in an entirely different area of the world than the last client and, for Hugo, this means figuring out what it will need and how to prepare it for shipping.

Hugo also mentioned how much he enjoyed seeing the results of his work, once everything is said and done. 

“When you start on one of these projects, it all just exists in theory, and then my favourite part is when it’s all ready and I can just go down the list and see that everything’s done. It’s very satisfying to see it and know I’ve done my part.” 

Speaking of doing his part, Hugo recalled a moment where he had to step up. Hospitainer had received an order for a 3 x 2 hospital (comprised of 2 rows of 3 Hospitainers and a lobby). While this had been available for a while, Hospitainer hadn’t sold anything in this configuration for quite a while either and the person who was most familiar with it was not available at the time.

To ensure the order could be sent out before the deadline, Hugo and a few other Hospitainer team members worked some very long days trying to work out what they needed to ensure the modular hospital was ready for shipping. 

“We managed to finish on time in the end. This project was a challenge, but we all worked together and I think this has helped me grow.” 

Hugo emphasized how important it was for anyone looking to join the Hospitainer team to remain motivated and be a team player in situations like that. He mentioned that being able to work independently is important as well, but with a deadline looming it’s important that everyone steps up and works together.