Hospitrailer for Homs-Syria

In the summer of 2013 the refugee-flow in and outside Syria has reach a new disastrous low point. More than two million Syrians have fled across the national borders and internally more than 6 million people are displaced. Homs is one of the epic-centres of violence and Mother Agnes together with Cordaid, the Syrian Red Cross, Dorcas and Hospitainer are commited to serve these refugees and victims of the war. 
At the end of 2013’s summer a Hospitrailer has therefor been send to Homs-Syria. This clinic consists out of a 40 ft container installed on the trailer of a truck. Inside an operation- and recovery room are build as well as an sterilization area. Further more the facility is equipped with a generator, (waste) water tanks, air conditioning / heating and of course instruments and medicines to cover more than 2,000 operations on an annual base. 
Because of continuous fighting and the American threat of bombing Syria after the poison gas attacks it was in first instance not possible to install the trailer next to the University building that was supposed to function as ward. Nevertheless in the fall of 2013 the trailer was finally put into operation and people started to find their way to the clinic. In December the first baby was born through caesarean section. Now the trailer is in full use Hospitainer will continue to monitor the progression to assure its optimal use.

>>SBS’s movie about the the Hospitrailer for Syria (Dutch)