Hospitainer brings relief for earthquake victims in Haïti

Almost one month after the earthquake, a Hospitainer was installed. It functions as an orthopedic hospital and is equipped with a C-bow X-ray. 
Packing the Hospitainer took 2 days. Shipping over sea took 2 weeks, building up in Haïti took 2,5 days including installation of the water tower.

Presently, the Hospitainer is intensely used and is part of the temporal Carrefour Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital:
Around 20 major and 110 minor surgical operations are per- formed every week in this 120-bed surgical and post-operative hospital, which has four operating tables, a standard X-ray machine, and one of the few C-arm x-ray machines in the city. Orthopaedic surgery, including external and internal fixation, skin grafts, and muscle flaps are being performed and post-operative care and rehabilitation pro- vided. The hospital is also functioning as an emergency trauma hospital for the Carrefour area. Rehabilitation care is offered to patients in collaboration with Handicap International and psychological care is provided to patients and families. The hospital also as an outpatient department for wound care treating around 100 patients per day.