Gulf News about the Maternitainer in Dar’a

Mobile women’s clinic heads to Syria

Surgery and investigation of sex crimes possible inside Maternitainer.

By Faisal Masudi, Staff Reporter Read article

Dubai: A mobile rapid deployment women’s clinic is heading to Dara’a in Syria to care for female patients and victims of sexual violence, a visiting emergency response official said.

The Maternitainer, which is somewhat akin to a shipping container on wheels, serves as a delivery room on wheels, said Rolof Mulder, CEO of Hospitainer, the parent company of the women-friendly service.

Maternitainer allows doctors, gynaecologists and midwives to treat women in a private, clean and professional setting in areas hit by conflict or natural disaster.

Most victims of violence in Syria are women and children, and the country’s health infrastructure is crumbling, Mulder said on the sidelines of a Dubai conference on humanitarian aid on Wednesday.