EU S(p)eedkits

S(P)EEDKITS: European research into rapidly deployable, modular and lightweight ‘emergency response units’.

The European Union initiates a 4-year research project into rapidly deployable, modular and lightweight emergency response units. This so-called S(P)EEDKITS project brings together fifteen European partners who will scan current equipment and bottlenecks with respect to emergency kits.

In the fourth year, novel materials and concepts will be presented to drastically reduce volume and weight for transportation. This will increase the speed of delivery. These solutions will also be usable for the long-term recovery after a disaster. Such long-term solutions are also known as seed kits.

When disaster strikes, it is extremely important that the victims get help as soon as possible. Humanitarian organisations, like the International Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), have sleeping emergency response units (ERU’s) which start acting immediately after disaster strikes. Each ERU has a specific function, including medical care, sanitation, energy provision or water supply.

Development of emergency response units
S(P)EEDKITS will develop emergency kits that will reduce volume and weight drastically through research into new materials and concepts. This project will provide kits that can be pre-positioned and mobilized very quickly and easily, that are modular and adaptable, low cost and high-tech in their conceptions but low-tech in use.

Demonstration Phase
In a second phase S(P)EEDKITS will demonstrate the new materials and concepts to aid future interventions faster and more efficiently for transportation. These kits can be inserted in an affected area, city, improvised camp or rural region to regain as quickly as possible ‘temporary’ economic and social life.

The project is sponsored by the EU FP7 programme and is coordinated by Centexbel. It will be implemented by a consortium of partners from six different European countries with diverse expertise:

A part of the research leading to this product was supported by S(P)EEDKITS.EU S(P)EEDKITS has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no 284931