Desa Emas and Hospitainer sign MOU

Jakarta October 2019

Desa Emas (Golden Villages) is an organisation founded by President Joko Widodo with the goal to help villages in Indonesia to develop infrastructure by assisting both in turnkey projects and in the spending of the funds that the villages receive yearly from the government for this purpose. The goal is to uplift the standard of living in villages.

The Healthy Villages concept of Hospitainer fits very well within the goal of Desa Emas. Hospitainer and other Healthy Village partners place clinics in (rural) areas. The clinics can be placed in a few days, are fully equipped, run on solar energy and have a long lifetime. After the placement of the clinic, other modules for the village can be “pluged-in” like water treatment, more solar power, village communication, education, nutrition and more. Since the clinic supplies a basis with water, power, communication and management, it is easy to add other modules onto this foundation.
Hospitainer and Des Emas will work on a plan for 3 pilots in the coming two years. One clinic on the ground, one clinic on wheels and one clinic on a boat. Also, a hard to reach jungle area will be included where transport will be done with a helicopter. During these 2 years, a pilot for local production will start as well and financing models for future local production and deployment will be crafted. After the two years, local production in two places will start with the goal to produce and place 1000 clinics in the years to come. These clinics can be expanded with the services and modules that are present both in the Desa Emas and Healthy Villages concept.
Desa Emas director Mr. Aris Mufty, member of KEIN (special advisory group of the President) and Hospitainer director Rolof Mulder, are excited about the idea that many people in Indonesia will benefit from this highly complementary cooperation. Both the end users in the villages, local entrepreneurs (such as the doctor that will run the clinic), the village community (owner of the clinic) and production/maintenance workers will benefit from this new collaboration.
Mr. Aris Mufti and Mr. Rolof Mulder sign the Desa Emas/Healthy Villages MOU.