Deployment and instruction on site

We have custom designed products that we supply all around the world. Even though these units are custom made, the basics remain the same. This way, we can always ensure that we are able to provide a (small) team of Hospitainer staff to come over to the final destination, to help with the deployment. Depending on the scope of the project, this is either one day, or up to max 5 days. Since we work for the field of disaster areas and war torn areas, you want to have the units in use as fast as possible. This is why we assemble most of the items here in our factory, to have the deployment done fast and easy.

We go to almost every place in the world despite the situations in the country, but we will do an assessment of our own (or with a certified company) before we consider it safe for our staff. It can occur that the end location is not safe enough. In that case we will switch to video instructions, live and also available on a tablet so when there is no internet connection, the client is able to deploy and start using the medical units.