Coalition of Dutch companies provides mobile hospitals and rebuilds Ukrainian healthcare

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine 6 months ago there have been more than 600 attacks on hospitals and clinics. 450 hospitals and clinics have been damaged or destroyed[1] and as a result, access to critical health care for the injured and chronically ill has been severely hampered. Dutch companies and international organizations including Hospitainer2, Philips3, International Medical Corps (IMC) 4, AMPC5, Imres6, Rebel7, the Embassy of the Ukraine in the Netherlands8, various Ukrainian companies and the Ukraine Ministry of Health9 are all working together. With the help of the Dutch government, Task Force Health Care10 and NLWorks11 They have set the goal to restore Ukrainian health care so that high-quality health care is available to everyone, both now and after the war.

Hospitainer, together with more than 20 partner companies, has delivered more than 15 projects in the Ukraine in recent months. These include tent hospitals, a container hospital, ambulances, a mobile CT scan, X-ray equipment and primary health care clinics in trucks. These projects are funded by the Dutch government, the UN and various NGOs. All these projects are prioritized and implemented in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands.

Ukrainian Health Minister Victor Liashko has asked the coalition to provide infrastructure and training to improve emergency medical care in line with WHO requirements and UN prioritization12 which requires an initial investment of 10 million euros. This emergency medical capacity is obviously of great importance in the current situation and will remain relevant after the war, this is also a sustainable investment in Ukrainian health care and infrastructure.

In addition, the coalition is developing a plan to repair damaged hospitals and build primary health care clinics based on the plans of the Ministry of Health and the World bank. The primary focus is not the rebuilding of an existing health care system, but to make significant improvements in efficiency and modernisation. The coalition is therefore very pleased with the recent pledge of 65 million euros in extra support for Ukraine by Dutch Minister Schreinemacher for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation13 for the repair of infrastructure such as bridges, dykes and hospitals, and the role in this for Dutch companies. 

The consortium partners have already arranged a third of the budget for the 15 projects previously delivered.

We call on Minister Schreinemacher to make the funds available quickly and flexibly so that Dutch companies can continue with the reconstruction of healthcare in Ukraine in the short term.

Good healthcare saves lives every day, especially in war situations. 

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