Covid19 – Hospitainer’s Approach

Driven by passion and mission.

This is exactly why Hospitainer started more than 10 years ago, to respond in emergency situations just like this one. Because we always have stock, we can act quickly with short lead times in order to minimize human suffering in their time of need.

Hospitainer feels that it is a human right to go to the doctor, dentist or midwife, and that this should be the normal course of events. We believe you should be seen by a health care professional where and when you need it, and that if necessary, you can be hospitalised within a safe environment. Unfortunately, for so many people, this is a privilege, a luxury even, but not a right. Several people do not even have access to these facilities and, in a lot of cases, the facilities and the health care professional do not even exist.

In the Ebola crisis, we were able to supply an isolation and treatment center for the VWS (Dutch Ministry of Health). Our close relationship with the Ministry has remained strong and, because of this, it was easy for Rolof Mulder, CEO of Hospitainer to contact the VWS. When the Covid-19 pandemic developed, Hospitainer was there to provide the immediate help so urgently needed by the people of the Netherland Antilles in the Caribbean. Thanks to the proactive efforts made by both parties, Hospitainer has since realised 3 successful projects.

While we were planning and packing 2 containerised solutions, we were also asked if we could have an Intensive Care Unit ready within 48 hrs. This ICU consisting of tents departed from the airport within the requested 48 hour time requirement, and is currently operational on St Maarten.