COVID 19 isolation and lab solutions , tented & containerized

General specifications

20 ft ISO Shipping containers. (external size 6-meter-long, 2.44 wide and 2.6 meter high. Internal size 5.5-meter-long 2.2-meter-wide and 2.3 meter high).
Double doors: on both short sides doors, one side as entrance, one as technical room. Both sides should be accessible.

Corten steel, corrosion resistant, white, can be painted if desired.
Insulated panels with galvanized and coated steel (6 cm PIR, RC = 2,8) and easy to clean coated inner walls and ceiling. No painting needed. Can be cleaned with chlorine solution and has a long lifetime.
PVC medical floor with coved edges for easy cleaning. Anti-static, anti-bacterial. Can be cleaned with chlorine solution.
Electricity in smooth ducts
Electrical system: 220V, 50 Hz, equipped with automatic fuses.
G3 & F7 filter for air input
G3 & HEPA filter for air output
Under pressure in patient room
Daikin professional line AC/Heating
Wastewater treatment from sink with UV-light.
Water storage tank of 10.000l.

Our inflatable tent MTF is designed to offer primary health care to persons suspected of and confirmed of being infected with the Corona virus. We crossed the previous Hospitainer infectious disease treatment facilities and recommendations from the CDC to come up with this design.

  • 10 x inflatable tents, including inner liners, dividing sheets and other accessories.
  • –  Connecting modules and vestibules for ante rooms and toilets.
  • –  10 x Military Grade Dantherm ACM 18 air conditioning units.
  • –  10 x Hospisink mobile washing stations including hoses and pumps
  • –  6 x Hospitoilet mobile macerating toilet system including hoses, grinders and pumps.
  • –  1 x Hospipump mobile water pumping system. Redundant: double pumps and double Ultra

Filtration filters with automatic backflush.

  • –  2 x 10,000 ltr clean water bladders.
  • –  2 x 10,000 ltr waste water bladders.
  • –  Negative pressure system for 6 tents (ICU/ER, Non-confirmed cases and confirmed cases).
  • –  Warranty for 1 year.
  • –  Incoterm Ex Works (EXW); supplier Warehouse: Vaassen, the Netherlands
  • –  Hospitainer will instruct your technical staff on site in a safe space how to deploy and maintain the hospital.