Coordination Centre Prototype with Communication Kit

For the research project S(p)eedkits we are currently testing a prototype of the Instant Deployable Coordination Centre. The Instant Deployable Coordination Centre (IDCC) is a complete quick response kit, developed for instant deployment into a crisis area, providing immediate infrastructure, communication and coordination solutions. Due to the compact design, it is possible to transport and deploy the Coordination Centre in any situation.

The IDCC is self supporting and rapidly deployable. Therefore, the Coordination Centre is the basis for first hour response and assessments. The IDCC is a type of On Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC).

Coordination Centre

This Coordination Centre can facilitate meetings with up to 20 people, or create a working area for at least 8 people.

The IDCC provides tent housing, a cellular communication kit and facility to control, meet and coordinate. It is easy to transport, light weight and small in size. It is easy to install, operate and maintain, weather resistant and can be deployed without preparation.

The centre contains self-supporting power management using solar energy and a backup generator.

Cellular Communication Kit

Part of the research project consists of the Cellular Communication Kit (CCK). When turned on, the CCK makes it possible to create a GSM network to make free calls and send SMS. Any phone can be connected to the CCK, even non-smartphones. No technical knowledge is required to install or use the CCK.

Damaged or destroyed communication infrastructures can easily be replaced with this kit. In this way the CCK makes it possible to quickly restore communication.

The CCK consists of one flightcase and a compact antenna.


This project is currently in the prototype phase. We are working together with other companies and our partners from S(p)eedkits to make this project a success.

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