At Hospitainer, we try to keep our products in stock so that we can respond quickly in case of emergencies. As such, we also need great people in our team who know everything about our warehouse.

André has been with Hospitainer since 2016 and knows all about the warehouse. He spent most of his life working in production, but after 30 years the company he was working for announced that production would be moved to a different factory. This left Andrë without a job, though not for very long, as he soon received an offer from Rolof Mulder to come help out at Hospitainer.

The two first met because of a shared love of motorcycles. André owned a motorcycle that was very similar to one Rolof was putting together at the time and Rolof had asked him for some suggestions and advice. Once Rolof’s bike was finished, the two would go out riding together from time to time. They even flew to Morocco about and rode around the country together 2 years ago!

When Rolof learned that André had lost his job, he offered him a position with Hospitainer. André accepted Rolof’s offer and, when things get busy, you’ll probably see him hard at work in our warehouse. He spoke fondly of what it’s like working for a relatively small company and watching it branch out and grow over the years. André also mentioned that he enjoyed working on the larger projects and orders at Hospitainer and how everyone treats each other very equally, regardless of their position in the company.

“In my old job, all I heard was bad news and here I’ve really seen the company grow, which is great.” 

He did add, however, that he’d noticed that not everyone was suited to a company like that. André explained that, while he finds the ‘flat’ structure very freeing, some people work better when there is a very clear hierarchy. He felt that it was an important fact to consider for anyone who wanted to work for Hospitainer. He also added that it pays for prospective team members to be flexible in their work, especially when things get busy and they might be asked to put in a bit of extra effort to make sure things are done on time. 

“Things can be pretty relaxed in the quiet periods, but when we’ve suddenly got a big order and a deadline is looming, you have to able to work under pressure sometimes.”