50 bed Hospital for Mecca’s Hadj

Lots of preparation came to a climax during the yearly Hadj pilgrimage in Mecca this week. The 50 bed hospital of Hospitainer was, alongside stricter rules, one of the reasons for a much safer event.

With this mobile hospital pilgrims could quickly be treated on site for a variety of medical complications: dehydration, open wounds, breathing problems, etc. The medical staff could provide treatment to patients in an airconditioned and fully functional mobile hospital.

Approximately 2 million pilgrims passed per day on their way to the Arafat Mountain.

The Hospitainer 50-bed Hospital was transported in 3 trucks and was built in a few days with assistance from the Hospitainer assembly team, which trained a local team of the Alhada hospital in Altaif. On the “day of Arafat”, the hospital received 300 patients. The local staff was very satisfied with the Hospital and praised the layout, effectiveness, quality, speed of set-up (including training) and flexibility of the hospital.

The hospital has 50 beds and the following components:

  • surgical
  • x-ray
  • pharmacy
  • emergency
  • ICU
  • CSSD
  • laboratory
  • basic screening and triage.

The trailers and containers are combined with inflatable tents and the setup can be rapidly deployed. The complete setup is self-supporting for energy and medical supplies.